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9th-Dec-2016 03:54 pm - mailing list
Join my mailing list -

1. if you wished to be the first one to join my spree. (have stopped doing spree but might spree once a while)
2. if you wished to be the first one to buy my stuffs.
3. get informed for special offer / discount  in happydays-shop.com

comment with your email address below :)
16th-Jul-2016 03:47 am - Friends ONLY

Procedure to view my secret entry

1. sign up for an account
2. add me to your friend list
3. comment to be added
4) wait for my reply. If I don't reply, catch the hint. Because i only add someone i know or seen or familiar of.
8th-Jul-2009 11:49 pm - I'm back !

wow, its been such a long time since i organise a spree.
simply too busy and lazy.
especially now, my 2nd baby is born and they needs my attention!

Anyway, for those who don't know about fiesty princess charmaine, please read here.
I'm doing donation for her.
& i really hope she could recover as soon as possible!
I want to bring my kids and play with her!

Hello, our e-commerce designer is available to take up new projects!
We are specialist in helping clients with their shopping cart software on Cubecart.
We help clients to install, design and set up the whole shopping cart.
We are able to help clients who are in budget too. (but please, we don't accept demanding clients if we felt under-paid)

If you do not have a webhost, we can recommend you a webhost company starting at US$1 per month only!

So, if you think its time to expand your blog-shop to a more formal shopping cart business.
Drop an email to our in-house designer now at happydays.webdesign@gmail.com

Cheers !

6th-Jan-2008 01:51 pm - xpink_xuanx's sales entry
Please view my flickr album for my sales products !


comment to purchase. 

Do visit this online store as well, http://happydays-shop.com =)
8th-May-2006 03:23 pm - [DONE] e-shop spree 2


spree website @ http://community.livejournal.com/sgspree/501564.html

Updates here (:

26th-Apr-2006 05:49 pm - Handphone Accessories
Clearing all my handphone accessories that was left from my previous mobile shop.
All handphone accessories stated here are BRAND NEW unless stated (:

kindly read my terms & conditions first.

21st-Apr-2006 12:23 pm - Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions :

  • Please ask any question if you've doubts before buying for the items.
  • Only BUY when you agreed with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Strictly for local (singapore) bidders and no meet-up.
  • Self-collection is available at chai chee road.
  • Payment must be received within 3 days in my POSB saving accounts after we closed our deal.
  • Item will be relist after 3 days if winner didn't respond.
  • Item will be sent out within 3 working days.
  • I am NOT responsible for any lost/damage item during normal mailing so registered mail is highly recommended.
  • Buyer who din obey the terms and conditions will be blacklisted.
  • Trades are welcome, as long i like the items.
  • Prices are all final unless i stated "Price are negotiable".
  • Before you decide to buy anything from me kindly see my blacklisted list. If your nick is in my list, you can forget about buying anything from me.
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