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[DONE] e-shop spree 2 
8th-May-2006 03:23 pm


spree website @ http://community.livejournal.com/sgspree/501564.html

Updates here (:

15th May - 1st update : have already place all orders at 12.15am. now waiting for the owner to reply me with any OOS item (from what i see, i don't think there is)

15th May - 2nd update : Owner replied me with NO OOS item (see! i say there's no oos =x) ok and i've already paid the owner through IBanking. There's no delivery service so they will be using Registered Mail to send the items to my place. However, there will charges for Registered Mail. Will update again for 2nd payment.

16th May - 3rd update : Owner sms-ed me and said that she have already sent out the items through Registered Mail, here's the tracking number : RR062049536SG.
As for the Registered Mail cost will be divided by number of items. So items will be arrive in approx 2-3days and i will be collecting the 2nd payment.

17th May - 4th update : Item recieved today! *jumps* please give me 1 day to sort out your items.
Kindly pay the 2nd payment (which is on the Top up in red) to POSB Savings 120-98397-0
I will only sent out your items after i recieved the payments.

18th May - 5th update : I'll be mass-mailing out all items today & tomorrow (19th). Kindly transfer the top-up asap so you can recieve your items fast ya? (:

thirtycents_  : will combine the payment for e-shop & moodclock. so please check the moodclock update thread for total top up ya? (:

20th May - 6th update : Almost all items have mailed out except amanda.
Amanda : i've already emailed you a couple time. So please kindly top up the remaining and i will mail them out asap. (:

24th May - 7th update : All items sent out. Spree is done.
Thanks for participation.

For those who already recieved your items, kindly leave me a feedback @ http://xpink-xuanx.livejournal.com/925.html & http://community.livejournal.com/sgspreefeedback/12355.html pls!

LJ Nick/Name

Item Name




Top up

thirtycents_/edwina Faux pearls parts-42 $5.82  $0.15 Combine MAIL OUT.
  Starry black anklet-anklet11    $0.15 Moodclock  
kit_242/Jeremine Metallic brown earrings-er93brown $6.80  $0.15 Meet-up DONE !
  Parts-hair clip barret    $0.15  -  
  Faux pearl pink-parts-46    $0.15  -  
tanylime/emily Imported apple green round sequins $4.80  $0.15 $0.80 PAID - MAIL OUT
  Imported round sequins    $0.15    
  Imported oval sequins    $0.15    
myclosetaffair/amanda Gold Box - box2-gold $6.00  $0.15 $1.50 PAID - MAIL OUT
  Gold Box - box2-gold    $0.15    
  Gold Box - box2-gold    $0.15    
  Gold Box - box5-gold    $0.15    
  Gold Box - box5-gold    $0.15    
  arcylic organza flower pouch    $0.15    
  arcylic organza flower pouch    $0.15    
JeAan/Ying Butterfly mini $11.28  $0.15 $2.80 RR009199509SG
  Faux pearl in natural color-parts-46    $0.15    
  Faux pearls teardrop - parts91    $0.15    
  Swarovski 4mm bicone clear    $0.15    
  Arcylic teardrop-parts-50    $0.15    
  Jump rings - parts39    $0.15    
  head and eye pin- parts38    $0.15    
  Doves Dome    $0.15    


kindly comment here with your address if you wish to by postage mailing.
please use this format.
all comments post here will be screened so don't worried abt the privacy.

Example : 

(Registered Mail)
ATTN : xuan er
Block 123, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
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